Club meeting notes 6-Dec-2019

Thanks to Jay Virzi for handling the club meeting on 6-Dec and providing the presentation content too! All reports were that it was a great meeting, so sorry we (Dan & Anne) missed it! Here are the slides from that meeting:

Club meeting notes 11-Oct-2019

We had a meeting combined with a pizza party at our house on Friday 11-Oct and a nice turnout. Thanks to all who could attend and help with some lively discussion! Here are the notes we presented at the meeting.

Club meeting notes, 7-Jun-2019

Here are the meeting notes from our 7-Jun meeting in case you missed it. We had a lively discussion and welcomed new member Rick too!

Our next meeting is August 2, so we will skip the July meeting. Looking forward to seeing many members on our trip to dive in the Florida Keys in a couple weeks!

Club meeting notes, 5-Apr-2019

Thanks to all those that were able to attend our meeting last night. It was a great discussion and glad everyone was able to come and share some thoughts with all of us! You can find the slides below.

March 2019 club meeting notes

We had a good sized group join us for the March meeting at our house. We had a fast-paced presentation about Coral Identification and a few issues that coral reefs are facing.

The presentation ended right as the pizza arrived for the pizza party. After pizza and some visiting, some gear was exchanged at the gear sale. A few people left with some great deals and everyone was happy to move gear from one house to another!

Here are the notes that we covered in a hurry so we could all enjoy warm pizza (instead of cold!).

Meeting notes 14-Dec-2018

Overview and events slides from the dive club:

Questions about events or any upcoming trips, please contact

Links to programs and websites relevant to the discussions:

Presentation from Prof Cheryl Heeneman:


Club meeting notes 2-Nov-2018

We had a good group including some new members attend our club meeting! Welcome Patrick!

Club meeting notes 12-Oct-2018

Here are some notes from the dive club meeting on 12-Oct-2018. Thanks to everyone who attended and shared the pizzas together!

Please review the slides, especially the end ones regarding Blue Herron Bridge. If you’d like to help, consider adding your name to the petition:¬†

Club meeting notes 14-Sep-2018

Here are the notes from the club meeting on 14-Sep-2018.

Club meeting notes: 3-Aug-2018

Here are the meeting notes from 3-Aug-2018. We reviewed the “Socorro” trip from June 2018 and introduced *two* new liveaboard trips we’re planning for 2020!

Next meeting: 14-Sep-2018

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