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ABS. 16. All powers conferred on the President of the Philippines under the Constitution of 1935 and the laws of the country not provided for herein or conferred on an official shall be deemed to be the President and conferred on the President, unless the Batasang Pambansa provides otherwise. (a) Any case in which the constitutionality or validity of a contract, performance agreement, law, regulation or implementing regulation is called into question. ABS. 14. All registers, equipment, buildings, installations and other characteristics of an office or body which has been abolished or reorganized in accordance with this Constitution shall be transferred to the office or body to which its powers, functions and responsibilities relate essentially. The State shall encourage public participation in public services. The participation of foreign investors in the governing body of a public service is limited to their proportional share of the capital. ABS. 2. Appointments to the public service, with the exception of those which determine policy, which are primarily confidential or of a highly technical nature, may be made only on the basis of merit and aptitude, which shall be determined as far as possible by a competitive examination.

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