Simple Commercial Lease Agreement Wv

Your rental agreement should contain information such as: the address and a description of the property; the names and contact information of the owner, tenant and administrator; whether the rental contract is valid for a defined period or from one month to the next; the amount and due date of each payment; information on customer policies, pet guidelines, parking permits and storage fees; who is responsible for which procurement and maintenance tasks; the maximum amount that the lessor must spend on repairs; how the lease can be terminated; and information on the leaded paint used on the site. If you are a landlord, inquire about your national and local laws before setting late fees, monthly rent, limits for the number and type of tenants and deposits. This section deals with landlord and tenant obligations, copies of the rental agreement, name and address, situations of domestic violence, tenant duties, abandonment of personal property, retaliation, and lead disclosures. The State only allows the collection of non-refundable taxes for pet rights and application fees if this has been agreed in writing. Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities – City of Charleston (pdf) The filing period should not exceed 60 days after the termination of the lease and 45 days after the occupancy of the premises by a new tenant; depending on the shortest period….

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