Sag Low Budget Agreement Rates

With rate sheets spread across a dozen websites and conflicting information in abundance, calculating your production`s SAG rates can be more difficult than launching. The following rates of pay apply: (a) to new television series and programmes whose main filming begins on or after 1 July 2014; (b) ongoing series the main shooting of which began before 1 July 2014 in accordance with the terms of the 2011 SAG television contract or a predecessor. Here are the complete price lists for TV. SAG offers various agreements, including initial usage packages that allow for a one-time payment to major players. Unlike SAG deals for movies (where everything is determined by budget), prices in the TV world are determined by the number of episodes you`re going to create and, in most cases, by the length of the episode. The SAG minimum wage rate is determined by the collective agreement (CBA) that applies to your production. The main factors that determine the applicable ABC are the location of the main exhibition and the size of the budget, although it is always best to speak to a SAG representative if you are unsure of your specific project. Some of the most common SAG-AFTRA deals include: As with most SAG deals, the more time you set aside for actors, the less you have to pay for them per day. Before you get started, it`s important to create a detailed budget for your production, as this will determine your specific SAG rates. Before you can even run the camera, you`ll need to submit both a budget and a copy of your script to SAG.

Films shot under this SAG Agreement may be shown at film festivals or on free streaming sites such as YouTube, and under this agreement, you do not need a theatrical release. If your project goes directly to the internet and your budget is less than $1,000,000, even if it`s Netflix, then this is the price sheet you should look at. As with all commercial SAG plans, the more often you run a spot, the more you have to pay. SAG commercial rates for 1st use are: Understanding SAG rates can be a difficult undertaking even for the most experienced producers. As with anything related to SAG, when in doubt, you should always go to your organization`s website. At the end of the day, you will need to register your production with SAG-AFTRA, where you will confirm your prices. While this guide is a great place to start, using software can help you budget for SAG-AFTRA payroll, including fringes, production insurance, and taxes. This is only a minimum. Agents will negotiate prices that far exceed why bigger-budget movies are up to the talent. Background actors receive $174 per day.

SAG prices for multiple programs are included on a weekly scale, with $2,650 per week for 1/2 hour and 1 hour programs, $3,114 per week for 90-minute programs, and $3,670 per week for two-hour programs. SAG`s Class C commercial collective agreements apply to ads that run in fewer than six cities. SAG Commercial On-Camera Rate: $654.77 OFF-CAMERA SAG Commercial Rate: $436.55 While this agreement applies perfectly to your film, it`s important to note that you must first release your movie in theaters to qualify. If your movie is streamed directly to a streaming service like Hulu, your SAG scaling rates may be new media. Before you can even roll the camera, you`ll need to submit a budget and a copy of your script to SAG for approval. If you are making a TV series that goes directly online (ala Netflix) and your budget is less than a million, then you should check out New Media. The SAG scale for performers depends on one of these applicable agreements, but may also vary depending on the contract subtype, production category and other factors. The following is not a complete list of all possible SAG rates, but it will help you budget for the current SAG minimum rates: A starting point is the rule of one cent per subscriber (or $100 per 10,000 subscribers). From there, you can adjust and take into account other factors such as engagement rate, budget, campaign duration, and other partnership specifics. And unlike other SAG AFTRA Theatrical agreements, you don`t have to provide a theatrical screening under this agreement. We`ve also included common prices here to budget for marketing your show with social influencers. Luckily, we`ve put together this comprehensive guide that breaks down 2021 SAG rates so you can determine what you might owe a major player.

** The prices of the daily, weekly and “package” stunt coordinators follow the prices in Annexes K-I, K-II or K-III of the basic agreement in force at the time of filming The low-budget agreement is now called the low-budget cinema agreement (“LBA”), and the prices of the daily and weekly main actors are set at 65% of the scale of the basic agreement and increased each year with the scale (daily rate of $ 653 and weekly rate from 2267 to 30 USD). 06.20). The AMLA remains limited to projects with a first theatrical release, with budgets of more than $700,000, but not more than $2,000,000. There are still a variety of casting incentives. But if you have a penny more, you`ve come to the right place. Here are the SAG rates for 2021 for artists on TV. It should be noted that these prices apply to cable and streaming artists. For network emissions, producers should provide an additional budget of 15%. When an actor is paid on the salary scale, it means that he pays the minimum wage allowed by the production company`s agreement with SAG/AFTRA. Sometimes you hear of an “A-list” movie actor working for “Scale” as a favor on a low-budget project when he would normally receive hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for his projects.

In addition, scale rates include different time steps and delivery methods, not just daily rates. And often, actors get a scale plus 10, which means that 10% go to their agent. For a full breakdown of the SAG Cinema Awards, food penalties, rest requirements and travel rules, see our “Ultimate Guide to SAG-AFTRA 2020 Room Rates”. Which one else are you asking about SAG rates? Let us know at If you plan to pay the syndicate (or not), the staff and the crew, you will remain compliant quickly and efficiently. Watch the demo today. SAG-AFTRA negotiates contracts that cover the work of media professionals in front of a camera or behind a microphone. The nature of the project determines the type of collective agreement that applies and what the producer must pay to the talent. The moderate-budget low-budget project agreement applies to films shot entirely in the U.S. with a total budget of less than $700,000. This agreement applies to actors who shoot several episodes of a show in a week.

SAG student film agreements cover films with a budget of less than $35,000, a maximum duration of 35 minutes, and producers who are currently students at an accredited U.S. university. As with the SAG short project agreement, there is no fixed SAG weekly scale or even a fixed daily rate – this is negotiable. SAG divides theatre contracts according to budget. In this context, the sentences vary depending on whether the actor is a principal (main actor) who has the same salary weight as a stuntman / coordinator or an extra. As examples, there are so many different rates, rules, and regulations to follow when hiring SAG actors that the task can be overwhelming. .

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