Pepsico Collective Bargaining Agreement

Frito-Lay responded in a statement on Monday that he remained committed to continuing the constructive dialogue and quickly reaching an amicable settlement. He said on his Facebook page on Friday that he was “relatively calm about Frito Lay`s problems, but the silence is over.” Previous:Two-drop discrimination lawsuit against Frito-Lay; The contract proposal presented by PepsiCo was a offer and a race to the bottom in Topeka`s wage market, Hall wrote on Facebook. “We will need the support of the public as we move away from the table to hope to make a difference before we have to leave,” he said in a press release on Monday. PepsiCo “paid for a third-party company to legitimize its offer with a salary study to support the low supply,” Hall said. PepsiCo, the company that owns the Frito-Lay plant in Topeka, does not negotiate fairly in contract negotiations with the union, which represents more than 450 of the workers who work there, said the president of the union that represents these workers. “The two sides have agreed to mediation later this month,” she added. Union members plan to hold an information strike on March 22 near the SW 42nd plant and Topeka Boulevard, Hall said. He added: “They don`t seem interested in doing things that would benefit family life. We have classifications that have not seen much increase in a decade. During the 2017 contract negotiations, Hall said: “They told us they had a bucket of money and we should tell them how to spend it, but when we made proposals, they came back and wrote the economic package as they had already planned.” Hall said in a press release Monday that the offers made by PepsiCo are “methodical in nature and nothing the union says changes the numbers.” PepsiCo has “threatened to lock us out if we don`t take what they offered,” said Brent Hall, president of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 218.

“We would appreciate any help we could get,” Hall told the Capital Journal on Saturday. “We are trying to negotiate a contract. We are not trying to negotiate a strike. We want fair and open negotiations. Frito-Lay, one of the largest snack sales companies in the United States, operates a plant in South Topeka at 4236 S.W. Kirklawn Ave. Hall made the statements on his personal Facebook page friday while urging the public to contact PepsiCo and express support for the union. He published the phone number, email address, and usual mailing address of PepsiCo`s board of directors. According to Hall, payment is a significant sticking point in ongoing contract negotiations. .

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