Lift Station Maintenance Agreement

Fortunately, Kaiser-Battistone has the equipment and experienced staff to maintain and repair lifting stations. Our Hy-Vac services are ideal for cleaning large works and accessing deep depths. Similar to a septic tank, a lifting station has a receiving well in which solid waste must be collected and pumped. Other important parts such as pumps, motors, valves and electrical components could also fail, and we have a specially trained team for repair. Sometimes the pumps are in a confined space, which makes them difficult and dangerous. For these scenarios, we use our team members certified for safety in the smallest spaces. So what happens if the lift station breaks down? Floods, safeguards and environmental risks are possible consequences if lift stations do not function properly. For this reason, cities and counties make monthly maintenance mandatory. Apartments shared with lift stations may have water and sewage managed by a MUD district with ski lift stations. In addition, the surrounding owners may have a septic tank with a small lifting station/pump unit. Carolina Lift Stations offers a contractual maintenance plan to keep your systems in perfect condition and properly maintained throughout the year. A contractual maintenance contract avoids breakdowns and the need for higher costs for emergency repairs. Count on us for more than septum We are the authority when it comes to septic tank repair and maintenance, but our expertise doesn`t stop there.

We take care of all types of wastewater systems, from small grease traps to entire sanitary facilities. Lift stations require unique tools and specialized training, so be sure to hire a qualified supplier to inspect and maintain them. To learn more about lifting station maintenance or to request maintenance, contact us. Most commercial properties have an on-site elevator station to ensure that sewage or rainwater drainage is pumped off-site into the city`s wastewater collection system. These systems must be maintained and are very critical. A failure will cripple the entire drainage system of the property. Homeowners` associations (HOAs) have community lift stations that require a maintenance contract for compliance and maintenance that includes manual visits, inspection and removal of rags, plastics, garbage and debris to ensure sewage flow and rainwater drainage In case you don`t know, a lift station moves wastewater from lower altitudes to higher altitudes. They have the appropriate name because they “lift” wastewater to higher areas when gravity cannot move the water where it needs to flow.

You can use them for neighborhoods at the foot of a hill if the sewer system is on top of a hill, for example. To bring the wastewater into the sewer system for purification, the lift station collects the water and then pumps it up the hill. The service is available 24 hours a day all year round. Most sewage systems depend on gravity to function. Well, sometimes we need garbage to sink.. . .

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