Dd 1618 Transportation Agreement

3 , real estate and/or moving expenses, other expenses and all other related allowances related to my transfer, from the time of travel to the PDS. The Employer Agency may withhold all final payments due to me in order to contest or liquidate any debt arising from a breach of this Agreement. This agreement does not limit or guarantee the duration of my I also understand that it is neither cost-effective nor efficient for the DoD to pay for more than one permanent station change (PCS) for a period of 12 months. Therefore, except in the cases provided for in Article C4100 of the TEN, I am not entitled to any further transfers of PCS within the Ministry of Defence at the expense of the Government for a period of 12 months from the date of that transfer. 2 In order to determine eligibility for approved allowances, I must therefore conclude the following agreement, which I understand and agree with: a. I will remain in government service for at least 12 months, from the date I report to my new or first PDS for service, unless I am separated for reasons beyond my control and acceptable to the organization in question. b. If I do not meet the minimum required period or if I am deported for cause before the end of the minimum period of service required, I am obligated and will reimburse, at the request of the government, an amount of money equal to what the government paid for travel and transportation expenses and related allowances related to the transfer of myself and my loved ones. , house transit costs, storage and shipping of HHG, shipping of private vehicles, CONUS living expenses for temporary accommodation (but not for OCONUS living expenses for temporary accommodation) 5 The personal data requested is necessary to correctly identify the NEW INTERN OR STUDENT. SIGNATURE OF THE DESIGNATED CIVILIAN PERSONNEL OFFICER/PERSONNEL OFFICER OR DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE.

ACTUAL RESIDENCE AT THE TIME OF THE APPOINTMENT (to be determined at the time of the first agreement)ss(following the back)4. I understand and agree that the above address is my actual place of residence at the time of appointment and that this address will be used for the purpose of establishing the right to carriage and that it cannot be changed later for personal reasons. I also understand that after completing the minimum period of service of 12 months provided for in this Agreement, I am not entitled to repatriation at government expense for myself, my dependents and HHG at the time of my appointment. 7 This policy does not prevent me from accepting another item to which the pcS fee may not apply: the employee must keep a copy of the contract of carriage signed for his or her personal FORM 1618 (RETURN), NOV 1999J. OTHER REMARKS (to be completed only by officials of the personnel office or employment agency.) 4 (48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia)A. NAME OF EMPLOYEE (last, first, initial average)B. EMPLOYEE SSND. DATE OF NOTIFICATION TO THE NEW OR FIRST PERMANENT DUTY STATION (PDS) (YYYYMMDD)E. NEW OR FIRST LOCATIONCONSTRUCTION UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT(5 s552a)AUTHORITY: 5 s5701, s5723, s5724 and 9397 (SSN). PRIMARY OBJECTIVE(S): Used to determine seniority of government so that the employee (including new appointees or interns) is entitled to travel and transportation expenses when transferred to and within the continental United States (48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia).

COMMON USE(S): In addition to being used by officers and staff of the Applicant`s Service to determine eligibility for travel and transportation expenses, the information contained in this document may be made available to law enforcement personnel investigating persons suspected of fraudulently obtaining: Voluntary; However, it is necessary to complete this form before the transfer can be approved and the fee is paid. H. EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE. DATE OF SIGNATURE (YYYYMMDD)DD FORM 1618, NOV 1999 THE PREVIOUS EDITION IS EXPIRED. Adobe Professional 5 s5723 and s5724, as amended, will include, under certain conditions, an employee`s travel and transportation expenses (including eligible new employees or interns in certain circumstances), reasonable compensation for the employee`s immediate family, travel and storage of household items (HHG) and personal effects, and certain other allowances related to an appointment or transfer; and inside CONUS….

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