Avon Grove School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

“It is very confirmed to see the commitment of both sides to create a contract that benefits our students, staff and district,” said Marchese. “I am grateful to everyone who participated for their commitment to Avon Grove.” At a meeting held on December 15, the Avon Grove School Board approved a new five-year collective agreement with the Avon Grove Education Association. The current contact between the school district and its teachers was authorized in December 2014, nearly six months after the previous contact ended. School officials spoke positively of a longer-term contract. The new teacher contract, which will come into effect from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2022, was approved by the school board by 8 votes to 0. The current collective agreement expires on June 30, 2017. The contract provides for the implementation of a highly deductible health plan as the only medical option and on prescription. This plan replaces the current three-step options for the health plan available under the existing agreement. The design of the high-deductible plan is expected to provide the district with long-term savings. In a school district press release, the teacher contact was described as “a regionally competitive compensation and performance plan, with annual cost increases well below the Act 1 average five-year core index.” In addition, the highest teacher salary, Step 15 with a master`s degree plus 60 credits, is not increased in the last four years of the agreement.

Superintendent Dr.M Christopher Marchese thanked the school committee members and the leadership team of the Avon Grove Education Association for their efforts to conclude an “Early Bird” contract that benefits the various interest groups in the district. “The Board of Directors is very pleased to enter into a long-term agreement with the Teachers` Association,” said Wolff. “This agreement is beneficial to the district, the board of directors, the Avon Grove community and the association`s teachers. The Board of Directors has achieved several objectives in this contract, which will allow the Board of Directors and the Administration to plan financially for the next five years to achieve our long-term organizational goals.¬†School Board Chair Bonnie Wolff thanked the Avon Grove Education Association for working with the district on the Early Bird contract. Wolff said she believes the negotiations between the two sides have been very collegial. When hiring, new employees participate in an overall performance orientation, led by the human resources department. Current employees who have questions about their performance can receive help and advice by contacting us. Filing/Maintenance Contract – National Association of Municipal Employees, Local R1-270 (2018-2021) Safety and Security Specialists – United Public Service Employees Union (2017-2021) Employees enter the district through the Human Resources Department, which advertises vacancies, reviews applications and interviews, and recommends job applicants in collaboration with other administrative staff. The Human Resources department writes and distributes a monthly staff newsletter to inform staff of performance changes, wellness initiatives and other current topics. Employees exploring retirement in retirement or leaving us for other opportunities can benefit from our exit counselling services. Para-Educators Contract – CSEA SEIU Local 2001 (2017-2020) The Avon Grove School District complies with federal Title IX laws and regulations that prohibit sexual harassment, which is a form of unlawful sex discrimination. .

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