Asean Agreement To Maintain Peace

Chachavalpongpun, P. (2015). Flaws in ASEAN`s community building effort, The Japan Times [online]Available at: [Accessed July 4, 2020]. BERIOSKA ILUMINADA MORRISON GONZÁLEZ (Dominican Republic) said multilateral cooperation was a catalyst to address common global challenges, such as climate change and natural disasters, which have an impact on human life. His delegation welcomed the increased participation of ASEAN members in United Nations peacekeeping, particularly female personnel. She noted that Southeast Asia is home to four of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and said Caribbean countries, including their own, share the same challenge and need local capacity. Cooperation between the United Nations and ASEAN is the key to building resilient communities. She also highlighted the memorandum recently signed between ASEAN and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). ASEAN`s efforts to advance the women, peace and security agenda should be emphasized and repeated elsewhere. Since its inception in 1967, ASEAN has participated in numerous regional initiatives in the areas of silent diplomacy, conflict prevention and peace-building in conflict situations.

In 2011, the Security Council supported ASEAN`s diplomatic efforts to promote peaceful solutions to end thai-Cambodian border crossing operations. ASEAN`s commitment to the situation in Myanmar`s Rakhine State is of paramount importance to the United Nations. It is essential that the United Nations strengthen cooperation with ASEAN in order to advance concrete measures in line with humanitarian principles and the recommendations of the Advisory Commission for Rakhine State. He welcomed the constructive dialogue between ASEAN and China on maintaining regional peace and maritime security and said he looks forward to concluding a code of conduct in the South China Sea to avoid maritime disputes. He also encouraged ASEAN to use its great convening force to effectively and creatively combat threats to peace and security throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The four youngest members of ASEAN suffered enormously from the Cold War conflict and its aftermath. As a post-conflict peace-building effort, ASEAN pays special attention to the development of the Greater Mekong River basin, where everyone is located. Particular attention is paid to the development of human resources, which ASEAN sees as the key to its economic, social and political achievement and wider integration into the association. Infrastructure development in the Mekong region is also a top priority.

ASEAN is now taking active steps to implement a massive project to connect Singapore and Kumning to a rail network in southern China. While pledging to maintain stability in the South China Sea, China and ASEAN regretted that the process has suffered from continued sabotage by non-national countries, including the United States. China has always defended freedom of navigation and surveillance, and it is worrying that the US has sent military ships to sea under such a pretext, a provocative act that poses the greatest security risk in the region. It should be rejected by all countries. While China is a strong advocate of regional peace, the United States has hundreds of military bases around the world and has deployed hundreds of thousands of forces outside its territory. It has not acceded to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and has “withdrawn from one international treaty at a time, one international mechanism at a time”. He wondered how she could make such accusations. .

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