Amapceo Collective Agreement

This salary increase was negotiated in 2008-2009 with the other provisions of the current agreement. Members were informed of this during briefings and during votes on the ratification of the treaty. As the current agreement is expected to expire in March next year, negotiations are not expected to start until early 2018. As a trade union, AMAPCEO is relatively young and was established in 1992 as a rank-and-file organisation to represent workers who were excluded from collective bargaining at that time (and therefore did not have the legal right to join a trade union). In 1993, AMAPCEO negotiated a sectoral framework contract with the provincial government on behalf of 12,000 non-unionized public servants. When the government extended the bargaining right to certain previously excluded workers, AMAPCEO was able to accommodate a sufficient number of members (later certified by the Ontario Labour Relations Board) to obtain voluntary recognition from the government in March 1995 as an official bargaining agent. At that time, approximately 4,500 people were employed in a single bargaining unit within PAHO; The total number of bargaining units has more than tripled since certification and includes sIx bargaining units within both PAHO and BPS. AMAPCEO celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation in 2012 and its 25th anniversary in 2017. Since its inception in 1992, AMAPCEO has negotiated contracts with governments representing Ontario`s three major political parties. TORONTO, 14 YEARS OLD.

June 2017 /PR/ – The Ontario government has offered AMAPCEO members to the Public Service of Ontario (PAHO) a four-year “overpayment” of their existing collective agreement. If ratified by members and cabinet, the new agreement will expire on March 31, 2022. “AMAPCEO was called upon last week by the government to ask them to discuss a `transfer` of our current agreement,” said Dave Bulmer, President of AMAPCEO. “In response to this offer, we believe we have negotiated a reasonable extension that protects our current provisions, provides members with fair compensation increases, does not bring significant improvements and brings stability for the next four years – without concessions.” AMAPCEO members will vote on the offer from 23 to 27 June, with the results announced on Wednesday 28 June. Detailed information on the offer can be found on the AMAPCEO website at Ombudsman – French Language Service The other two elected executive officers are the Secretary, Glynn Robinson, and the Treasurer, Chris Harper. The Executive Committee is composed of the four senior executives as well as the Chair of the Board of Trustees, who is elected annually by the Board of Trustees (currently Angela Freeman, Director of the University/Toronto South District). Providing quality public services in economic times for better and for worse is what OPSEU members do. We have also come together for 100 years to negotiate hard for fairness for front-line workers and for our communities – for decent wages and social benefits, for protection from violations, for pay equity, for pensions, for human rights.

There will always be politicians who would like to scapegoat us. It`s cheap and easy. She scores points with some voters. It can be seen from Wisconsin to Ottawa to Queens Park. It`s easier than fighting the exploding costs of corporate tax cuts or fighting the poverty that too many children and the elderly face, or reforming mental health care. For more information: Anthony Schein, Presidential Assistant: [email protected], 647.802.6586 For 2012, there is an additional general increase of one percent. With the solidarity of workers and our allies, we will continue to fight back against reactionary political forces and work on the kind of Ontario we can all be proud of. These are the basic facts.

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