Aboriginal Justice Agreement

[36] The partnership includes an action plan to reduce the average number of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander inmates to less than 10% of the prison population. The goal is to do this by improving “the accessibility, use and effectiveness of justice-related programs and services,” including distraction programs. [37] The Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement is a long-term partnership between the Aboriginal community and the Victorian government. Each phase of AJA has built on its predecessors to further improve the outcomes of justice for Aborigines. 16.50 In its opinion, NT`s Anti-Discrimination Commission, which supports the value of JIA, stated: “Each jurisdiction will have a unique demographic, geographical location, a unique profile of Aboriginal communities and a history of that jurisdiction.” [53] As a result, there is no single model for an AJA that can be used throughout Australia. Each AJA needs to be developed from bottom to bottom, through extensive consultation with Aborigines and the Torres Strait Islands.

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