What Is Ankara Agreement

The UK has announced that it will abide by the agreement until 2021, when the transition period will end, resulting in an unprecedented increase in visa applications by Turkish nationals in 2020. As stated in a statement published on the official website of the British government, there is no intention to denounce all agreements, including the agreement on the European Economic Area and the free movement of people between the European Union and Switzerland and the Ankara agreement. One of the advantages of this agreement is that once the applicant is able to start a business, the spouse can also live in the UK and get a job without the need for a work visa or employer guarantee. In addition, the children of applicants can also study in public schools (up to the age of 16), which is much cheaper than private and international schools. “The Ankara Agreement is a partnership between Turkey and the European Economic Community” was signed in 1963. After the Brexit agreed between the European Union and the United Kingdom, it will be automatically terminated. However, until 31 December 2020, the UK is subject to ongoing agreements with the European Union between the UK and the European Union. (ECAA) is the Association Agreement of the European Community or the so-called Ankara Agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the European Economic Community, which paves the way for Turkey`s accession to the European Economic Community. This agreement is one of the largest that creates Turkish nationals wishing to immigrate to the UK, with a view to a rapprochement as workers or in a company in the United Kingdom. If you are a foreign investor and are interested in applying to reside in Britain as an independent Turkish businessman under this agreement, you can contact us to find out the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through British investment and residence. Under this agreement, Turkish nationals can apply to reside in the UK as soon as they prove that they are independent and set up a business under certain conditions of the British Home Office: in addition to the confirmation by the British Ambassador to Ankara Dominic Chilcot, that the possibilities for cooperation between his country and Turkey will increase with the WITHDRAWAL of the United Kingdom from the European Union. , at a diplomatic meeting on 7 February 2020, said: “What we need to do is find the appropriate arrangements to replace it.” Our last objective is to sign a free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and our country.

Turkish entrepreneurs benefit from a UK EU membership agreement, which means the road will be closed when the UK leaves the EU. Turkish businessmen who rely on the Ankara agreement also have flexibility in what a company can do. Unlike Tier 1 categories of entrepreneur, investor and innovator, there are no strict restrictions on the type of business (in particular, there is no ban on real estate-related businesses). In accordance with the published guidelines, if the above measures are met, applicants are given a period of 12 months. Noting that applicants are prevented from benefiting from the agreement if they are found to be in violation of UK immigration law. Instead, they are subject to the points-based system. In other words, the future of the visa is yet to come, although the British government alone has announced that the agreement could survive the consequences of a divorce with the European Union. Our clients are international professionals and entrepreneurs who want to relocate and develop their skills and activities in the UK. As you may be able to find out about Brexit and leaving the European Union on 31 January 2020.

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