Sag Network Code Agreement

“This agreement reflects $200 million in member revenue in almost every part of television,” Carteris said. “This contract is SAG-AFTRA`s first major agreement that contains the language on sexual harassment – a move toward true systemic change.” The agreement with Telemundo followed 15 months of negotiations. Key elements of the new three-year agreement include: contributions to the SAG-AFTRA health plan and, for the first time, to the DEE-PRODUCers Pension plan; remains of the valuation and streaming platforms, based on a percentage of Telemundo`s gross revenues; Guaranteed minimum prizes for all categories of covered actors (including actors, stuntmen, singers and dancers); an annual increase in all newly set minimums of between 1% and 2% per year; new working conditions and safety protection. The current three-year pact, known as the network code contract, expires on June 30. The union said Friday that discussions in New York began under a blackout of information. SAG-AFTRA has entered into negotiations with the networks for a contract to follow up on its master`s contract for non-primetime television work. The national council also unanimously approved on Saturday a first preliminary agreement with Telemundo Television Studios, which was concluded on July 12 for Spanish-language television artists. “This first treaty creates a solid foundation on which we can build, and it indicates that we are all worthy of strong protection and respect,” said Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAG-AFTRA, when announcing the news. THE SAG-AFTRA NATIONAL TIP overwhelmingly approved the terms of a new contract called Network Code, which covers a wide range of non-primetime programs broadcast on Big Four channels, including soap operas, game shows, talk shows and quiz, as well as sports and variety shows. The pact is now addressed to union members for final ratification.

The agreement covers approximately $200 million in annual salary for members. The current agreement provided for increases in minimum contractual rates over a three-year period, including an overall wage increase of 8.7% on most programme costs, which was implemented by increases of 2.5% in the first year, 3% in the second year and 3% in the third. It also includes a total salary increase of 7.2% for serial artists and a 6.1% increase for network news work.

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