Referral Partnership Agreement Template

A model for establishing a formalized recommendation agreement between your organization and your partners. 3.2 (i) Recommendation fees. When a recommendation becomes a qualified recommendation, Ringlead partner pays a late transfer fee over Schedule B (no discounts) to be paid by the qualified recommendation in accordance with its initial order in accordance with the executive contract for the first year of the associated subscription (“Recommendation Fee”). For first orders with subscription terms of more than one (1) year, the recommendation fee to be paid for the first year is set in proportion to the subscription fee to be paid according to the initial order. For clarity, the partner receives only a referral fee for the initial designation of a qualified recommendation, and the referral fee is due and may be payable for up to one year from the date of the qualified recommendation request. These transfer fees are paid to Ringlead and paid to the partner within 30 days of the end of the calendar quarter in which the subscription fee for these qualified recommendations is paid to Ringlead. If a qualified recommendation terminates the solutions a year after the hijacking, the partner will receive only a proportional portion of the referral fee for the year compared to the subscription fee paid by Qualified Referral to Ringlead. The percentage of the referral fee for a qualified recommendation is calculated at the time of payment on the basis of the projected annual turnover (“ARR”) of eligible transfer fees. The ARR and the Federal Fee Percentage are calculated on a qualified recommendation basis, the Fee Percentage reference being established in accordance with the ARR of the qualified recommendation. For each qualified recommendation, the referral fee for the partner is limited to the amounts shown in Appendix B for the applicable fee percentage references (“maximum payment”). This partnership agreement is a separate agreement from the agreement that Ringlead has with its end users (as it may be modified from time to time from Ringlead, “Ringlead Customer Agreement”).

However, for reasons of simplicity and consistency, the definitions of certain terms related to our products and services (particularly software, hosted services, products and authorized users) will be identical to those of Ringlead`s customer agreement. This Recommendation Partnership Agreement is intended to be used in situations where an e-commerce website wants to increase revenue by allowing other websites to send customer reviews against a commission on sales generated by these recommendations. The document follows the same structure as affiliate agreements and affiliate terms and conditions. Unlike affiliate documents that provide goods or services, this document is suitable for both. 2.3 Prohibited activities. The partner undertakes not to associate marketing materials with content that is in any way illegal, or that is harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive, assaulted, sexually explicit, violent, discriminatory or otherwise offensive at Ringlead`s sole discretion. The partner undertakes not to send unsolicited e-mail messages to multiple independent recipients (“spamming”) to promote Ringlead solutions or to participate in any other form of legally prohibited mass electronic communication in the context of activities under this Agreement. Taking into account the commitments and mutual agreements it contains, the parties agree on the following: We have developed a model for the recommendation partnership, including the establishment of a formalized recommendation agreement between your company and the partner organizations.

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