Qantas Short Haul Pilot Agreement

Short-range EBA management means that business and union negotiators can turn their attention to the long-haul EBA pilot. Qantas says it will have to conclude the deal early next year if it wants to place an order for 12 new Airbus 350-1000s to fly non-stop from eastern Australia to London and New York. “And the pilots told us they didn`t want to extend it any longer than they did four years ago, especially if the Sunrise circuits are in service for more than 22 or 23 hours on a planned basis.” On the issue of fatigue, pilots are dissatisfied with the way CASA handles flights. The agreement paves the way for AIPA to focus on a separate long-haul contract and to consider the changes the airline says it needs to make the Sunrise Business Case Project viable. The agreement in principle helps to clear the air for the long-haul negotiations, which have also been simplified by the selection of aircraft. “We did it four years ago with the business case around 787 and in this process we negotiated a 30% productivity increase,” Captain Adam Susz, AIPA`s long-distance negotiator, recently told AirlineRatings. The protective switch is due to the fact that disputes with pilots and ground personnel at its Jetstar business have resulted in labour disputes that have resulted in hundreds of flight cancellations. “The majority of members of the short-haul commission said that pilots should seriously consider accepting the proposal when it comes to a vote,” AIPA President Mark Sedgwick said on Sunday. Jetstar Australia Pilots and cabin crew are on strike over wages and conditions[18 December 2019] However, the unions that cover Jetstar staff include all refusals to work. They try to prevent any connection with the combat of the Qantas pilots. Trade unions are aware of the resurgence of international labour struggles, which are often beyond the control of trade unions.

They fear similar developments in this country. In an internal memo, which was seen by reuters, Qantas International chief Tino La Spina said the deadline for a pilots` vote on the agreement is set at the end of March. In such a statement on January 22, it said, “We work for Christmas, weekends, all night, and now they are asking us to make a flight that is currently illegal, with serious safety issues, and instead they just want to sting and refine the pilots.” She said: “Qantas pilots in cockpits around the world will be distracted today and in the coming weeks by Tino`s email and the threat to their jobs.” One of the biggest stumbling blocks between the airline and the union was the pay rate of future second officers, most of them young pilots. Protected control actions affecting Jetstar`s services are carried out by pilots who are members of the airline`s Australian Pilots Federation.

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