What Is The Agreement The Elder Among The Chieftains Makes With Santiago

After a month spent in the oasis, the caravan leader summons all the travelers and tells them that, because the tribal war is still raging, they can no longer travel. Santiago looks for the Englishman and discovers that he has built a wood stove in front of his tent. The Englishman tells Santiago that he completes the first phase of alchemy and separates sulfur. To do this, a person cannot be afraid of failure, and it is this fear that has prevented the Englishman from reaching the masterpiece. Later, Santiago tells the chefs who exploit the oasis of his vision. The chiefs wonder why the desert would reveal its secrets to a stranger. Santiago says the desert has told him his secrets because his eyes are fresh and he can see things that others might take for granted. Santiago approaches a pretty young woman by a well. His head is covered, but not his face. Instead of asking him where the alchemist lives, Santiago is beaten in silence.

“At that moment, it seemed to him that time stopped, and the soul of the world jumped into him. he learned the most important part of the language that the whole world spoke—the language that everyone could understand in his heart. It was love. What happens when Santiago visits tribal leaders to tell them about his vision? Meanwhile, the alchemist is watching. He notices the overwhelming happiness of travellers who appreciate the sudden green of the oasis. “Perhaps God created the desert so that man could appreciate date palms,” he thinks. He decided to focus his attention on more practical things. Omens told the alchemist that an important man arrived with the caravan. Let him teach this man the secrets of alchemy. In these conditions, when Santiago helps the Englishman to look for the alchemist without thinking of cleaning up his personal legend, he meets Fatima – encounters, that is, love. Previously, Santiago`s goal was to find the hidden treasure.

All of a sudden, he has to consider his heart. Santiago tells the chiefs and, after some reflection, they decide to prepare for war, even if it goes against the tradition of the oasis, which is normally considered a neutral ground. The leaders make a destiny: when the enemy comes, the leader, Santiago, will give a piece of gold to all 10 enemies killed. If Santiago`s vision is wrong, he`ll be killed. Walking home from his meeting with The Santiago Chiefs is thoughtful, but he certainly made the right decision. Suddenly, he is attacked by a man with a falcon on his shoulder, all dressed in black, on a white horse. The man holds a sword on Santiago`s head and asks how he knew of the coming of the army. Santiago, frightened, explains to the man the signs of the desert and his personal legend and concludes that he had no choice. To Santiago`s surprise, the man fully understands and says goodbye and tells Santiago to visit him if he survives in the coming days.

When the rider leaves, Santiago realizes that he has just met the alchemist.

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