Wedding Dress Purchase Agreement

Due to the fact that our products are made to order, there is no exchange or refund or transfer of deposits. All sales are final. If the balance of the dress is due within the last 30 days, we will add a monthly financing fee of $50, or if the goods in the shop are not claimed after the wedding date on your customer profile, the merchandise will be owned by Channy Bride and Beyond and all deposits or payments will expire. If a bride is gaining weight and the dress cannot be taken out, there would be additional costs, because we would have to see if the designer can make it bigger or “we should buy fabric or laces in the store,” DeMarco said. It`s so important! Don`t forget to make sure your name, address, phone and email address are properly listed in the contract. Your contact information is used by the Salon to contact you in relation to your dress. If they need to update you on the status of your dress, this contract will be the first place you want to join. WEDDING CANCELLED – The client has thirty days from the date of the wedding in the file to pay the final payment or down payment and the merchandise can be sold or discarded. Ask for the next steps! You should be in your contract. In particular, you want to know 1) if your dress is scheduled to arrive in the living room, 2) how to plan and complete the changes, 3) if the rest of your payment is due and 4) who to contact with questions or concerns after completing your purchase. Everything that is part of this document simply has to be created to your reference. In the contract, you will find all the necessary information about the purchase and delivery of your dress.

Details of shipping processes, store policies for cancellations and information about the designer you`re buying from are listed. This information is the key for you to have! You want to know step by step how the dress to end pressed and packed and in your closet, ready for your wedding anniversary. It is not political to take in dresses of more than one dress size (maximum 2)as this could affect the style and appearance of the dress. It is at risk to the customer if more than is needed to be included. Many brides will feed themselves before their wedding anniversary and engage in any number of fitness therapies and lemon juice cleaning to appear as big and thin-hipped wasps as possible. I never thought I`d be one of those brides. Such clauses are fairly standard, said Lauren Montgomery, a co-owner of Couture Closet in LaGrange, Ky. “All bridal shops should have something in place that says we`re not really responsible when a bride changes,” Montgomery said. “We`re not, why should a bride expect to have a dress rearranged while she`s gaining weight?” We know there`s a lot – and we don`t want to make you nervous – but your dress might be less than perfect if you forget to read the fine print.

d) It is ESSENTIAL that guests bring their wedding shoes and underwear worn on the day of the wedding and closing ball on their appropriate dates. You can expect to find important details such as the name of the bride`s living room, address, phone number and email address; The names of the advisors you assisted, as well as the date and time of the purchase; The total amount (including any additional costs) The amount you deposited and how it was paid (make sure this amount is clearly indicated on the wedding salon contract!) The amount remaining owed and the date the balance must be paid; How many fittings (if there are) are included in the price and how much each additional fitting costs; 1992, 1996, 11.

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