Standard Agreement For Printing Services

During the period covered by this agreement, the contracting parties may, by mutual agreement, include in this agreement additional flight plans for additional products and services and, by reference. This contract is governed by the laws of the state – The relationship created by this contract is that of the client and the independent contractor. No provision of this agreement should be construed as inconsistent with this relationship. Under no circumstances should the independent contractor be considered an employee of the client for any purpose and is not entitled to the benefits that the client grants to his own employees. The independent contractor is solely responsible for the payment of all applicable federal, regional and communal income, as well as obligations or withholding contributions, which are used by social security, unemployment insurance or workers` compensation insurance under this agreement, on behalf of the self-employed contractor himself or the staff, if any, with the self-employed contractor. The independent contractor is at all times under the control of the manner and means of performing the services required by this agreement and, according to the means and working methods of the independent contractor and the independent assessment, as well as the hours of work and the time deemed necessary for the execution of the work, the place where the work is carried out , the order in which the work is carried out and the management of the employees and subcontractors of the independent contractor, if any. The customer can only pass on the final result of the services provided under this contract. Independent contractors are free to offer similar services to other clients and to practice, without limitation, their profession or profession for these other clients for the duration of this contract. In the event that the independent contractor does not finalize the project within the agreed timeframe or in the case of excessively slow work progress, incomplete or incompetent end results or an unacceptable end result, the independent contractor undertakes to be financially responsible to the client for all reasonable costs associated with obtaining replacement services. PERSONAL STANDARD AND SUBCONTRACTORS.

While located in a client facility, Standard staff and subcontractors behave commercially and professionally and fulfill the customer`s reasonable wishes, rules and rules regarding personal behaviour, including all safety rules and rules, that have been informed of the standard. The client may, after having communicated in writing to Standard, require that the standard be reassigned, replace or withdraw individual or subcontractor services providing services under this contract if the customer finds that the service of that individual or subcontractor is such that it has a negative effect on the customer. Standard will endeavour to address the customer`s concerns as soon as such a written notification is received. If Standard has not dispelled the Customer`s concerns within 30 days of the termination date, Standard will reassign, replace or remove customer concerns and complete this reassignment, replacement or withdrawal as soon as possible at no cost to the customer. In addition, if informing the customer in writing and at no cost to the customer, the Customer may require the immediate removal of standard staff who have violated the Customer`s security or security rules or regulations or other Customer policies or procedures whose standard the Customer has communicated, violated laws or regulations in connection with the provision of services under this Agreement, or violated the confidentiality provisions or non-compliance contained in the Agreement.

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