Nbn Master Development Agreement

“With the release of the MDA, the initial process of submitting a fiber application has now been divided into two stages,” NBN Co said in a statement. “First of all, you need to register your overall development, and then you need to submit a fiber application for the first phase of your development, for which you should already have the approval of the Stage 5 Council to begin construction/construction. 1.1 In view of the fact that NBN Co Limited ACN 136 533 741 (“we”, “us” or “NBN Co”) provides you with access to the online form “Request for New Developments Service” (“NDRS Form”), you agree on behalf of the Developer (“you” or “Developer”) to the following Terms of the NDRS Online Form. These NDRS Online Form Terms and Conditions apply to your use of this NDRS Form. You warrant that all information and data you provide through this NDRS form is true, accurate, complete and current and that you are authorized to disclose such information and data and enter into this Agreement. NBN Co has announced the publication of its Master Works Contract (MDA). The new MDA aims to streamline NBN Co`s implementation of government fiber policy in new developments. The MDA covers the details of the entire development (or part of it), whether the phase is an SDU, MDU, or hybrid development. The contracts call on a long-time construction partner, Fulton Hogan, who signed a new four-year DCMA in October to deploy multi-technology broadband (MTM) services on around 450,000 spaces in new development areas – Downer and Service Stream are expanding services. NBN added that it is also currently negotiating variants with its Planning and Design Services Contracts (PDSA) and Multi-Technology Integrated Framework Agreement (MIMA) contractors to add FttC to the mix. “The new agreements will support our state-of-the-art FttC technology,” said Peter Ryan, NBN`s director of network engineering.

1.3 These NDRS Online Form Terms and Conditions apply only to your use of this NDRS Form and to the information and data exchanged through it. You access this NDRS form to provide NBN Co with information on possible development work related to the national broadband network. These NDRS Online Form Terms and Conditions and your use of the NDRS Form do not constitute an agreement between you and NBN Co regarding the provision of goods or services by either party to the other, except for the services expressly described in this NDRS Form. In particular, these terms and conditions of the NDRS NBN Co online form do not impose any obligation to enter into a contract with you for possible development work or the provision of fiber optic connection or execution services. The terms of future development work are subject to another agreement between you and NBN Co. “If you already have an approved development with a development agreement signed for one of your previous phases, you do not need to re-register your development. Just go to “Request Fiber Optic Installation” for your next step. You must have your development reference ready to submit a fiber application. To apply for NBN co-fiber for installation in a new development, visit www.nbnco.com.au/newdevelopments. The company, which launches Australia`s National Broadband Network (NBN), announced the signing of three additional Design and Construction Framework Agreements (DMA) to expand its Fibre-to-the-Distribution Point/Curb (FttDP/FttC), Fibre-to-the-Node (FttN), Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) and Fibre-to-the-Basement (FttB) networks. The new FTTC DCMA agreements are concluded with Downer EDI Limited; Fulton Hogan Construction; and Service Stream.

“NBN has a flexible and technology-independent approach to deploying the NBN network, and we are confident that with the introduction of FttC services, we will deliver an exceptional experience to end users. 1.2 You acknowledge that these terms and conditions of the NDRS online form are intended for the benefit of NBN Co and each of its affiliates (as that term is defined in section 50 of the Companies Act 2001 (Cth)). 4.2 We collect, use and disclose all personal data collected by NBN Co via this NDRS form in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the NBN Co Privacy Policy. By accepting these terms and conditions for the NDRS online form, you consent (for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and other applicable laws) to NBN Co collecting, using and disclosing such information in accordance with this clause and our Privacy Policy. Our privacy policy can be found on our website under www.nbnco.com.au/privacy. 8.2 NBN Co may update these Terms and Conditions for the NDRS online form at any time and we may, but not necessarily, notify you by email. You may be asked to review and accept the amended terms at any time when you enter the NDRS form. If an account has been provided to you in the NDRS Form, we may, from time to time and without notice or liability to you, do the following: 6.4 You grant NBN Co a perpetual and irrevocable license to use, modify and adapt all drawings, descriptions and other materials provided by the Developer to NBN Co via this NDRS Form or in connection with the related NBN Co Services. In particular, NBN Co may include such documents in its databases and other computer systems and may use or modify such documents in connection with the operation of NBN Co`s business. NBN Co may sublicense the rights granted to it under this clause.

(a) ensure that all logins and passwords you use to access the NDRS form and your account details are secure; NBN announced in September that it would replace Optus` fiber optic coaxial (HFC) footprint with its FttDP network, with up to 700,000 premises covered by the new network technology, which is also used in some areas previously reserved for receiving FttN network connections. (c) post or transmit any information, software or other material that infringes or infringes the rights of others, including material that constitutes a violation of privacy or rights of publicity or that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights, or derivative works relating thereto, without first obtaining permission from the owner or rights holder; 6.1 You acknowledge that the copyright in the NDRS Form, the Software, the design, text and graphics contained in the NDRS Form, the selection and layout of the NDRS Form, and the content and materials of the NDRS Form (collectively, the “Materials”) are owned or licensed by NBN Co and that you may not reproduce, modify or manipulate the Material in any way: that violates the law without the prior written consent of NBN Co. (a) suspend, suspend or delete your account or access to the NDRS Form at any time without notice; or (b) stop providing the NDRS Form or any other service that may be available through the NDRS Form at any time and for any reason that includes, without limitation, the following circumstances: 2.2 You warrant that if any information or data you provide to NBN Co will be altered, updated or found to be not true and accurate, that you provide NBN Co with such information or data that is updated or corrected in a timely manner. 2.3 You maintain the confidentiality of any information or data disclosed to you in connection with the use of the NDRS form. NBN CEO Bill Morrow said the government loan would allow NBN to focus solely on deployment, rather than raising funds privately. The Australian government is developing its own metrics and a highly graduated NBN As part of the framework agreement for the supply of equipment and services, NetComm Wireless will provide an indefinite number of Dpu with one and four ports to be installed in off-site pits to connect old copper to fibre. Visit the NBN Co FAQ page, call 1800 687 626 or email NBN Co for more information. (e) post, transmit or otherwise use any information, software or other material for commercial purposes, or that contains advertising, and you agree to pay NBN Co upon request the amount of all losses, costs, damages, expenses and other liabilities incurred or incurred by NBN Co, its affiliated entities or their respective officers; Directors or employees arising from your violation of these terms and conditions of the NDRS online forms and/or our privacy policy or claims from third parties, including claims relating to ownership, copyright, plagiarism, defamation, defamation, infringement, right to file or violate privacy. .

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