La Trobe University Enterprise Agreement 2017

Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean announces consultations with staff and unions on voluntary redundancies. “We have increased discretionary spending, frozen recruitment and spending by external consultants, encouraged business and capital projects, and asked our senior managers and employees to make voluntary contributions. But there are other things to do. This is a great asset for Vice-Chancellor John Dewar, who campaigned for the proposed variants of the enterprise agreement, warns LT U is in COVID-19 financial conflict catalyzed. The Trobe U follows U Tas and UWA in guaranteeing an enterprise agreement between employees and with strong majorities. In all three cases, management worked with union leaders on campus and placed the proposal first with its members. In contrast, the University of Melbourne and the University of Wollongong have lost decisive austerity proposals that have been rejected by trade unions. Nominations are open at the Association for Tertiary Education Management`s annual awards. They will be due until August 27 with the announcement of the winners (COVID-19 authorized) live at the awards ceremony in November.

Where KMG as a sponsor, hopes to be. Merlin Crossley (UNW) on the two golden rules for selection committees in research (and elsewhere). If the VRs continue after the consultation, they will be open in mid-July with results “shared confidentially with the applicants.” “We only (yet) asked if I had made the voice recordings used in the UTS Engage elevators to announce “go up” “down,” etc. Surprisingly, this is not in my job description,” Shirley Alexander wrote yesterday, UTS DVC (Education and Students). I have no doubt that she would be great if she did. The first study of the weekend focused on the flashing increase in the cost of studying humanities for students. But analysts are now venturing deeper into the weeds In a message to students yesterday Professor Héj also identified other positives, the expected increase in domestic enrollment, the increase in participation for remote and regional Aboriginal students. He also assured that they will be largely exempt from new higher and lower fees that will not come into effect for three years. “While it`s good news that some students will pay less for their studies, it`s very disappointing that others will pay a lot more,” says Peter Héj (the Wonkiest) of the Australian Technology Network, who has been more focused on what the new funding model will mean for their members (the first reaction took place Monday at CMM). Funding growth rates related to the campus site.

“While many ATN universities are located in the centre of our capitals, we teach a large number of students, many of our growing suburbs and regions.” Ian Marshman and Frank Larkins on the Tehan package; “Professional training has won. With regard to bachelor`s education, there is now a more close question of job training, which no longer lays the foundations for a career of the future. Your analysis is here. A good majority of La Trobe U staff voted in favour of temporary reductions in wages and conditions in exchange for job protection. The participation rate was 64%, and 66% of them supported the proposal. In a message to employees yesterday, Mr. Bean warned that projected revenues would decline by $175 million this year and $120 million next year. “Even with the savings we`ve made so far, we still have to find cumulative savings of more than $200 million if we go to 2021.” Tim Winkler on how ATAR and tertiary centres work or not for young people leaving school. Professor Dewar makes no clear that there will be involuntary layoffs, but says the new agreement will save “the financial equivalent of about 225 jobs.” The overall reduction in funding that universities receive for the teaching of each of our students … Especially in priority areas such as engineering and science” The Vice-Chancellor adds that the VRS is being researched “before thinking about redundancies for

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