Adjudication Agreement Deutsch

1. Within thirty days of the start of the project`s accompanying decision (section 2), the parties agree to the single adjudicator and inform the DIS. At the end of the adjudication procedure, all disputes are settled definitively according to the Arbitration Institution (DIS) arbitration settlement without recourse to the ordinary courts; If the binding effect of a DIS-AVO decision is not respected, the supplementary procedure regulation applies and, in this case, the rightful one can also appeal to ordinary courts.” 26.1 The award process at issue ends with the parties receiving the decision of the adjudicators or, in the case of a partial decision, receiving the final decision; The date of receipt by the last receiving party is decisive. 8.2 The participation of other parties who are not parties to the agreement under paragraph 1, paragraph 1, is subject to the agreement and approval of the parties to the adjudication agreement covered by paragraph 1, paragraph 1, who are parties to the proceedings. 30.5 In addition, adjudicators are entitled to reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with their adjudication activity. Expenses are only eligible if they are reasonable and proportionate; Warrant Officers and parties may enter into specific fee reimbursement agreements. 7.2 The person concerned who wishes to initiate adjudication proceedings (plaintiff) sends a written request to the adjudicators and the other party (opponent) for the opening of a warrant procedure. The request must be duly reasoned. The notification of removal must be notified within seven days of notification of the Warrant. It is the document that details the case of the party who refers the dispute to the decision.

and the case of the reference party in detail. It should be accompanied by documents in support of the claim as well as, if necessary, expertise and testimony. It is important to ensure that the referring party is able to respond to this notification: there have been cases where the ANB has appointed an adjur only 24 hours before the seven-day period expires, so that the referring party has only had one day to issue a notice of reference to the Warrant Officer. At the same time, a copy of the notice of reference must be sent to the responding party. Setting up and setting up a litigant procedure, the motivation for the application 28.4 Each party is authorized to submit im-frames or other documents submitted as part of the adjudication procedure at issue, as well as decisions of the adjudicators in subsequent court proceedings.

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