A Formal Recorded Agreement To Participate In Research Is Called

In any culture or subculture, there are always some people who confess more than others to culture and who may have more detailed or privileged knowledge. Anthropologists conducting ethnographic research in this area often seek such cultural specialists to better understand certain questions and answer questions they would not otherwise be able to answer. When an anthropologist establishes a relationship with these individuals and begins to rely more on them to inform them than on others, cultural specialists are referred to as important informants or cultural advisors. Participant observation is a kind of method of data acquisition by practicing scientists that are typically used in qualitative research and ethnography. This type of methodology is used in many disciplines, particularly anthropology (including cultural anthropology and European ethnology), sociology (including cultural sociology and cultural crime), communication sciences, human geography and social psychology. Its objective is to acquire an intimate and intimate intimacy with a particular group of individuals (such as a religious, professional, subculal group or a particular community) and their practices through intense confrontation with people in their cultural environment, usually over a long period of time. Others, who have not been formally trained in science or anthropology, have also participated in recovery activities. Robery Flaherty, in her 1922 documentary film “Nanook of the North,” filmed the life of an Inuit man named Nanook and his family in the Canadian Arctic. In an effort to preserve what many thought was a traditional way of life, Flaherty took a considerable artistic license to represent the culture as he imagined it in the past, including staging certain scenes and asking Inuit men to use spears rather than guns to make the film “more authentic”. Among the various techniques and tools used for ethnographic research, observation in general and observation of participants in particular are among the most important.

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