Project Aware Thanks Us!

Please see the nice thank you letter from Project Aware. Thanks to all our members who donated their refunded dues to Project Aware! Here’s the email from Project Aware:

Dear Bottom Breathers Dive Club,

Project AWARE has changed the way we do business. As a global conservation organization, we are committed to protecting and improving the conditions of our oceans. We also understand that, given the delicate interconnectedness of our ecosystems, we must also be mindful of our effect on other aspects of our environment such as pollution, deforestation and the consumption of natural resources. Therefore, Project AWARE believes it is our responsibility to model ecologically mindful business practices.

As part of our new Supply Chain Policy, Project AWARE is committed to decreasing the use of paper products. We are now sending our donor thank you letters, an item previously printed and mailed on 100% Recycled Paper, via electronic mail.

This is just one small change in the way we do business. If you would like to learn more about our organization and receive the latest updates please visit our Project AWARE Website and create a My Ocean Profile. You can also connect with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Please find your official thank you letter attached to this e-mail as a PDF.

Also know to extend our thank you to each and everyone of you: Anne Poirier, Dan Norris, Rick Torres, Chris Calabria, Carol Dacko, Marty Beirne, Jay Virzi, Alison Virzi, Sam Virzi, Paul Stolzer, Barbara Stolzer, Margie Braband, Glen GilmBrore,  Joe Bunn, Helen Feeney, Tom Kratzer, Amy Gaunt, Penny McDowell, Dave McDowell, Cheryl Sroga, Ray Mikelson, Michael Wareman, Zoe Wareman, Russ Dulaney, John Deluca, Chris Novak, Anne Comer, Brian Johnson.

Endless thanks for your thoughtful support. We can use more friends like you for our cause!

Best regards,

Juanita Seino

Operations Coordinator Americas, Global Communications


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