Thank you: Project Aware donation $$$

So many things have been disrupted this year and the dive club events certainly took a hit as well. Since most of the dive club dues paid by our members go to support events we hold throughout the year, it wasn’t right to keep all those dues and have none of the events. So, we looked at the dive club account and decided that we should just refund two thirds of each person’s dues to them.

When we sent the offer to refund dues, we also offered instead to keep the refund and make a collective donation to the PADI Project Aware to help ocean conservation for those that didn’t want the money back.

We’re very happy to report that 27 of our members elected to donate their refunded dues to Project Aware and this week, we’re sending a donation of $840 to Project Aware. The donation also includes a list of names so they will know who helped contribute. Charities and groups like Project Aware have also suffered in the last many months, so we’re especially thankful to be able to support their efforts and thanks to our members for supporting this great cause!

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