Club meeting notes – 6-Mar-2015

This month’s club meeting topics focused about preparing for the dive season. Discussed many things¬†including getting in shape, getting gear serviced, contents of a save-a-dive kit, and a packing list for dive trips.

Upcoming events:

  1. April 10 – regular monthly meeting @ 6:30p at Below H2O (one week later than usual due to Good Friday)
  2. April 11-12 – Opening Day at Haigh Quarry – We usually have a small group of hearty divers head down to hop in the quarry on opening day. The visibility in the quarry on opening day is usually pretty unbelievable (40+ feet!)
  3. April 18 – Pizza Party – More details will come later on this

Here are the notes shared on the topics for this dive club meeting.

One additional note – our liveaboard trip is now completely full! Unless we have any cancellations, we’re going to have a completely full boat with all club members and other “extended family” divers that we’ve dove with before (at least some of us have). Looking forward to a great trip!


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